Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Become a Beer Vendor

My inbox is full of emails with the same question, "How do I become a beer vendor?" specifically a Wrigley Beer Vendor. The short answer to becoming a Wrigley Beer Vendor is this. Call the Local 1 union at this number, (312)-240-1600, tell them you are interested in becoming a Wrigley vendor and ask when the next orientation session will be. Orientation sessions begin in Feb and go through March. At the orientation session you'll pick up your uniform, get your union card, as well as fill out tax forms and boom you're working at Wrigley Field! Good luck!

To become a vendor in Chicago you have to be a part of the union but in other regions, this is not a requirement. Your employer will always be a food service company so the best route to becoming a vendor is contacting the food service company that your team/stadium uses. There are some major players in the vending game. Here is a list of a few companies and the stadiums and teams that use them. This is off the top of my had and nowhere near a comprehensive list.

Aramark - A's Spring Training in Scottsdale, New York Mets

Center Plate - Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, Peoria Arizona Complex (Mariners/Padres Spring Trainig), Minnesota Twins

Levy Restaurants - Wrigley Field

Legends Hospitality - New York Yankees, Dalls Cowboys, PNC Field (Pittsburgh)

RocketMan Vendors - This is by far the easiest company to become a beer vendor. They do various events like the Kentucky Derby, sometimes the Super Bowl, Nascar Events in Chicago and Vegas, Indianapolis Colts games, and Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Signup is online and you will have to take an online alcohol training course.

If there are other locations and companies that anyone is aware of feel free to mention it in the comments section.


  1. Sports Service, a division of Delaware North Companies, manages the vending for the Cincinnati Reds.

    Aramark manages the vending for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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